Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cozumel Dolphin Swim

 The dolphin swim was so much fun . Enily ,my mom , my dad,and I were participants.
This is emily with, a dolphin , no not a shark, a dolphin!

This is me . I am doing the dolphin foot push. Dolphins can be so powerful and still so gentle and kind animals. When we first saw one it was playing with a walmart groery bag. So sad. :( We were in the water and there were tropical fish swimming around us they had yellow and black stripes!I tried to touch one and I did they feel so scaley!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas List

So Iam not asking for anything but I thought it would be fun to post my Chrismas list.
Here it is!

-Jeffersonian (bones) lab coat

-Defuser and blowdryer set

-Sims three pets

-Sims three outdoor living

-Survivor bandana

-IPhone docking station ( small , time , radio , alarm clock)

-American girl doll twins ( comes with, twins, vest,long sleeved shirt,cart)

That's all bye bye !

The Cruise

                                             Ah....... The cruise!  My family and I recently went on a cruise!
                                             The ship was the Carnival Valor . It was huge and had lots of shops.

             My dad in the hot tub watching football in the hot tub.
If you don`t know my dad LOVES football  ,well..... you don`t know my dad.

 Katie and her ice cream. She probably had 20 dishes of ice cream
on the whole cruise.                                                            

I will be posting the whole day about the rest of the cruise and the ports.  Bye Bye , see you later!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Starting My Blog!

Sorry, no pictures just me talking I mean typing . I have started my new blog . Iam so excited and have been wanting to do this but have not had the time. Here is a little bit about me , Iam eleven love my family and  friends, Iam a type 1 diabetic , and i am involved in ballet.  I hope you all love and enjoy my blog!