Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Omni Gym

We have lately been doing a membership at the Omni Gym. On sunday we got the membership. Our whole family went .Ty and Katie went in the kid area they loved it. My 2 favorite machines are Jacobs ladder , and the rowing machine. The Ladies shower room and restroom the showers are very nice and i cannot wait to take a shower in one. Bye Bye.

p.s. I know it was short but i needed to update. (: (: (: (:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gifts from santa

 This is a blog post of Christmas I know I already did one on Christmas but this one has gifts that we got.

This is Katie's gift from Santa . she got kissing Nala and Simba, a princess book, and five sets of Woodzeezes.She loved them and sets up Nala and Simba all the time.
 This is my present from Santa. I got hamsters [Cole and Katness],a gymnastics mat, boots ,a disney drawing book, diet coke and ductape [silver,gold,yellow,white,black,green,and blue].
 This is Ty's gift from Santa . He got a Darth Vader back pack, Sprite, a Cars book, a Bolt stuffed animal and Skylanders[a game for the Xbox.

This is Emilys first year getting nothing out of the toy                           section.she got a room decoration from Santa.There is a paint jar,[teal]sheets,comforter,chess piece,Eiffel tower,[mini sized]mirror,chandelier wall decor,paint brush,frame,and a Nancy drew game.
That's all bye,bye.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas ballet dance

                  This was katie ballet dance she was so cute.This is a funny pic we took after her dance.
This was a short post but i think she is so cute.

Christmas Spirit

Christmas  is a wonderful time of year. There is singing laughter, goodies,
 present, and the most wonderful thing
of all, celebrating Christ's birth. 
Here is a pic. of my Grandpa and Brother Ty

 Emily is so funny . This is at the Lakes Parks Christmas Train Ride. My family does this every year ,and each year we grow......... a lot .We almost take up 1 whole train. They will have to extend the train just for us. This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions , the whole family is there we sing Christmas songs during the ride the lights are beautiful and The Christmas spirit is spread.

This is a picture of my Grandma. She wanted a portable dvd player so badly,so we got her one. She said she
needed one for their trip to Australia [never going to happen].
                         This is me and my siblings at my Grandma and Grandpa Dillehay's.The food
                             was wonderful and we got to  swim.Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!