Monday, July 23, 2012

busy, busy, bee

I am so sorry i have not posted in a long time! :) Today i was thinking about my freind Holly and how she always begs me to do a blog post! And it is kinda hard for me to do a blog post every other day because i write it on my moms computer and she has to do her work on her computer. So today i just thought i would update briefly on my near future and recent past.

>Diaversary  my 1 year anniversary since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. me and my mom went to Olive Garden and then back to the doctors!

>Diabetes camp- We are still waiting for the email for financial aid but i might be going to diabetes camp!!!! It is from Saturday to Saturday. They have a pond and the girls were doing handstands in the picture just like me if you have read my Three Things About Me post.

>Venture Faith Camp- The juniors in our church went to VFC there was a potato gun on the last day and i got it in the barrel! I also won the bible scripture verse memorization contest I was very happy to being following in my sisters footsteps! Our church also had won the sporstmanship so as a prize Pastor Sutton let us all go to Sonny's! Yay!

>Ballet- I am now in ballet Three.  My Teachers name will be Anna.  . I am very excited to have a different teacher but will miss miss Sarah (haha to misses in a row)!

>Photography-Lately i have been into photography i use a app on my Iphone 4 and Ipod. It has tons of different lightings and things to play around with. My favorite setting is cros sprocess. I will do another post on photography. I took a picture with a setting and i showed my mom but didnt say I took i and she loved it later I showed my sister and said' I took this picture do you like it?" and my mom said "Wait you took that i thought you found it somewhere!"

That all for today good Bye lovelies,



  1. Great update, Sarah!! I hope you get to go to the Diabetes camp. Praying for you!

  2. I can't wait to see your pictures! Where is diabetes camp>
    Miss you!