Monday, April 16, 2012

3 things about me

#1                                                                                                                                                                 Ask my Mom and Dad and everyone I know it is always flip and flop and twists and turns and everything like that. Well here is a pic of me doing a handstand in the pool I can also do it out of water.
Aunt Taylin, if you are reading this first I can put my hands in the air.....

Makeup ,makeup, and more makeup. I LOVE MAKEUP. I want to be a Cosmetologist. I am constantly saying well Blair (Juicystar07) said............ I love her videos. I also like to watch these beauty gurus too Macbarbie07, Pursebuzz (Elissa Jade), TheBubbleGumPrincess,  TheStyleDiet, and KandeeJonhson. But, 
Blair Fowler and my 3rd cousin Julia inspired me to be a Cosmetologist.
Here is were I store my makeup (makeshift vanity).
  and more makeup.

            Nail polish. I know I already did a blog post on nail polish but I love nail polish I have 67 bottles                                                               ( in the other blog post I had 62 bottles) I have tons of different brands too.

                                  I hope you all enjoyed my post I loved doing it. : ) Bye bye. : )


  1. "I can put my hands in the air . . ." You crack me up!! :)

  2. WOW!!! Sarah, you have a lot of make up and tons for nail polish....I am so jealous. You should start a much do you charge for a pedicure??? I need to make an appointment. :-)